About Me

I started screwing around with computers in 1990. Since then, my computer knowledge has increased faster than internet speeds. My tinkering at home allowed me the test environments needed to develop a complete understanding of computer hardware and software, inside and out. (I also know there is a lot I don’t know)

In 2005, I started hosting the website/forums and teamspeak (TS) server for my World of Warcraft (WoW) guild out of my apartment. This was my first real experience in providing tech support. I was really good at it and I also really enjoyed it. I walked people through setting up TS, configuring microphones, accessing the forums, even fixing their WoW client when needed. I was the group’s tech support guy and I loved it.

In early 2007, I was a young assistant store manager at a Fortune 50 company. I was good at my job but I didn’t enjoy the work I was doing. I decided to switch career paths. Computers had always been a hobby and passion of mine. I already had a large collection of computers and servers that I enjoyed setting up and playing around with. At this point, I felt that my knowledge of computers was enough that I would do well in an entry level IT position with the hopes of expanding my knowledge and moving into higher level positions as I did. 

I started in the IT field at a Tier I helpdesk. Since then, I have held positions in Tier II support, desktop support, web developer, Linux administrator, wildfire dispatch support, asset management,  IEM architect, working my way up to a Windows Automation Engineer position. I then worked as a Sr. Systems Engineer, a Systems Architect, a Sr. Security Analysis and now I work as an Information Systems Security Officer. I also acquired my Network+ certification and Security+ certification, and I have my CISSP. I have worked in environments ranging from small home offices to enterprise clouds with over 2,500 servers and over 25,000 desktops.

I have now been in the IT field for 14 years and I have no regrets. I continue to be excited about new technologies like IoT and work hard to stay well-informed as new ideas emerge.